To live close to nature

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Milosz Mazur from Poland has an interesting job in the Norwegian tech company AutoStore in Vats. However, it was the nature and mountains that brought him here. “I bring my backpack everywhere, always ready for a hike!”

When the pandemic hit Poland, everything shut down. I watched my friends in Norway enjoying their lives outside. Now I´m here, living the dream!

It´s all about the mountains 

Milosz considers himself a nature lover, and living near fjords and mountains has always been the dream.  

– The pandemic was a hard time in Poland. Everything was closed, even the forest. It was so depressing. Watching my friends in Norway enjoying being outside didn’t make it any better. They slept in tents, went hiking, climbing, and swimming. I was like, oh my God – I have to go there!  

Since then, it’s been all about the mountains. Milosz started the search for work. Eventually, he found an interesting job in technology, innovation and programming.  

– Normally, my kind of work can only be found in the cities, surrounded by traffic and enormous buildings. Working in the city, hiking is limited to the weekends. When I came here, I couldn´t believe what I saw. I felt as if I was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by mountains everywhere! I immediately sold my flat in Poland. It was a dream come true.  

Milosz has an interesting job in the Norwegian tech-company AutoStore, at their department in Nedre Vats. He works as an engineer in the company that develops automated and robotized order-fulfilment solutions to help businesses achieve efficiency in storage and retrieval of goods.  

– I´m so amazed by how things work here. The managers are so cool and chill. When asking for a day off to travel or something, the answer is always “No problem, enjoy!” 

– I feel very safe here in Norway. If I forget my keys in the car, the car is still there when I come back. And the government helps you out if the electric bill is too high to handle. How is this possible? I really love my life here.  

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